Love Grenades worth drive to Shamrocks in Chino Hills

29087-love grenades singer-thumb-200x300-29086.jpg

Los Angeles-based Love Grenades (with singer Elizabeth Wight shown here) made a strong impression Saturday night in Chino Hills at Shamrocks with their electro pop/Italo disco/punk/’80s sound.

The lead singer Wight was a ball of energy who dressed in a flashy black top with skin-tight pants who kept the music moving with her constant dancing, walking toward audience members and tremendous singing skills.

The group performed catchy songs like “Tigers In The Fire,” where Elizabeth Wight’s singing skills really shone through. Corey Hunter and Golden were also strong on the guitars and the drums.

An entertaining but somewhat inebriated woman who sat next to me really danced a storm during this song and many of the others. After the show Wight said the woman was an inspiration because of her enthusiasm.

“Off To Sea” features the weird cowbell sound and is also catchy and the Sam Sparro remix of “Young Lovers.” I think they also played the regular mix of “Young Lovers” as the last song if I’m not mistaken.

The one slight complaint I had was the group performed at roughly 12:30 a.m. June 14 instead of an advertised 10 p.m. June 13 but was worth it.

Here’s more info on the group: or