Crue Fest 2 Motley Crue

The headliners of Crue Fest 2, Motley Crue, came out strong with the intro to Dr. Feelgood titled “T.N.T. (Terror ‘N Tinseltown).”

While this was playing, a woman in lingerie wheeled out what looked like an oversized wheelchair and a tall, skinny man popped out who looked a lot like drummer Tommy Lee in a Straitjacket. Some people dressed up as doctors then appeared to put an IV in him and wheeled the thing off stage.

Then the band went into the title track “Dr. Feelgood” but singer Vince Neil was dropped out many of the words of the song and slightly off key before he got back in the grove halfway through the song.

I think the band’s tremendous live sound usually overrides most of Neil’s hit and miss moments on the microphone and they came through tonight from what I saw. And to be fair, the Crue has nights where their instrumentals don’t hold up their end either.

At least on this night the band’s version of “Kickstart My Heart” was much better this year than at last year’s Crue Fest. Neil seemed to remember most of the words and the band sounded better, including guitarist Mick Mars’ opening drag-racing gear changing sound guitar riff.