Spring Gathering review of (hed) PE and Fishbone

(hed) PE definitely had their fans inside the main stage at the National Orange Show as part of the Dr. Greenthumb & Tommy Chong’s Spring Gathering.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to catch much of the group’s set because I wanted to catch some of the Music & Marijuana -What A Concept! discussion.

Nonetheless, the Huntington Beach group blasted through songs like “Raise Hell” from their 2004 album “Only in America,” “Renegade” from their 2009 album “New World Orphans” and others that I can’t print the titles much less the lyrics to all delivered in their energetic and punk-rock influenced manner.

Also, after toasting the crowd with an Irish whiskey the lead emcee M.C.U.D. (Jahred Gomes) actually came out later and stood in the audience to watch Fishbone and the Kottonmouth Kings but would take photos with fans.

Next up was Los Angeles based Fishbone, who has been around since 1979. The group stole the show despite having new members like keyboardist Dre Gipson (who was added in 2004) and a core of there-from-the-start musicians like bassist Norwood Fisher and saxophonist Dr. Madd Vibe.

Fishbone’s mix of ska, alternative rock, reggae, punk rock, funk and more fit perfectly with the different group of musicians performing Saturday. The group, who like all of the artists Saturday I watched said they were in favor of legalizing marijuana, tore through songs like “Suffering,” “Alcoholic” a cover of Sublime’s “Date Rape” and another song I can’t write the title to. Dr. Madd Vibe was all over the stage (and into the audience) during the performance and would also do hand stands which really got the audience cheering. Gipson also went into the crowd and would take over as vocalist from Dr. Madd Vibe on some of the songs. 

Fishbone’s final song was their 1985 noted crowd pleaser “Party At Ground Zero” that features a mix of punk and ska that is infectious.