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Enjoy the ‘Atmosphere’ tonight at the Fox Pomona

Enjoy the ‘Atmosphere’ at the Fox Pomona

Slug, of the Minneapolis hip-hop group Atmosphere, said he doesn’t read reviews.

“You should see my ego,” he said in a recent interview.

“When I read about stuff people didn’t get, didn’t understand or hated, that gives me an idea what the `cultural elite’ are doing and thinking.”

The group will perform Thursday in support of its latest album “The Family Sign” at the Fox Theater in Pomona.

The concert is sold out, but tickets still are available from resellers.

Slug, whose real name is Sean Daley, said, “If you’re going to stand on a stage in front of a thousand people because they’re placing an importance on you, you have to mirror that. You can’t be like, `Why are you treating me so important?’

You can’t let them down.

But you can’t let them define who you are.

“You do have to take into consideration that these people, they don’t know you. They don’t know who you are. They see you as a mirror of them. They’re relating to what you got going on.

“That’s a very important thing to me. It’s a conduit thing.

It’s not about you, it’s about this community, this movement,” he said.


With: Blueprint, Greives w/ Budo, Sab The Artist and DJ Abilities

Where: Fox Theater, 301 S. Garey Ave., Pomona

When: Doors open 8 p.m.; show starts 9 p.m. Thursday

Cost: Sold out but resale tickets are available at or

Information: or