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Alkaline Trio hits Glass House stage Saturday

Alkaline Trio hits Glass House stage

By Wes Woods II Staff Writer

POMONA – Illinois-based punk band Alkaline Trio has been around since 1996. On Saturday it brings its high-energy sound to the Glass House.

The band’s latest album is “Damnesia,” which was released on July 12 and includes acoustic versions of past hits as well as new songs.

In a 2010 interview, vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba was asked if the group changed its style of punk to join the mainstream.

“Well, if anyone has that perspective, then this new album will prove their theory, I suppose,” Skiba said of the group’s 2010 album “This Addiction.” “It’s not because we went to a major (label) that our sound changed. We would have written those same records no matter what label we were on. I think that the label has never really had an influence on the band. The sound changed as we made the label switch, but I don’t think that drastically.


With: The Smoking Popes and Dead Country

Where: Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona

When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Cost: Tickets sold out but try resellers ($65-$115) or ($63)

Information: or

“Some people disagree. Some people


think it was like a completely different band. I think it seemed like a natural progression to me. I think that’s just the way it happened. It wasn’t premeditated.”

The show is sold out but tickets may be available at resellers or