Clear Channel’s Riverside radio station KGGI 99.1 FM sees program director and market manager laid off

Jesse Duran, program director for Clear Channel’s Riverside radio station KGGI 99.1, and Riverside/San Bernardino market manager Bob Ridzak were reportedly laid off today.

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  • theresa

    what the heck!!?? Why would clear channel do this at this time!!!?? BS!!! Jesse duran, you will be missed!! I’m going to miss ur voice over the radio!!

    • disqus_udzQ58oI1g

      Yes, Jesse D. will be missed. Great voice and over all radio talent!

  • disqus_udzQ58oI1g

    Ufortunately Jesse Duran has been one of the longrunners at KGGI and probably one of the higher paid. CC just didn’t want to renew his employee agreement. I’m thinking Jesse didn’t want to conceed to less money for the same of more duties at KGGI. ODM recently renewed his employee agreement a few months ago. I’m wondering if he conceeded to less cash to keep his gig???? That’s the way CC bigwigs roll!! Welcome to the new world of!! This isn’t your daddy’s industry!!!