Some random notes from the sold-out March 10 Green Day concert in Pomona

Photo: Jennifer Maher of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and the San Bernardino Sun; check out more images at

- Lead singer Billie Jo Armstrong said the words “Los Angeles” six times to the audience in asking how they were but “Pomona” only once

- He kept a constant smile on his face and had a ton of energy running around on stage and standing on speakers

- Armstrong shot the crowd with a super soaker, a toilet paper shooter and a T-shirt launcher that drew a lot of cheering

- Drummer Tre Cool got a roll of toilet paper thrown at his drum kit that hit a cymbal but he just smiled and nodded his head in approval

- The encore was “American Idiot” while the final song played was “Jesus of Suburbia”

- Some hit songs not played included 1994’s “Longview,” 1997’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life),” and 2009’s “21 Guns”

- Nobody I interviewed at the concert felt Armstrong should not have played because of the singer’s reported issues with alcohol and prescription drugs

- Armstrong pointed out during the concert that “ladies and gentleman it’s this guy’s birthday right here” to a fan in crowd before the band performed “Holiday”

- Bassist Mike Dirnt would frequently goof around onstage by sticking out his tongue or giving odd facial expressions while playing his guitar


  • Rick

    If you happen to be at Uncasville CT last week watching Greenday then you might see yourself in some of these photos.