Coachella 2013: Of Monsters and Men pack Outdoor Theatre on festival’s first day

Coachella 2013: Of Monsters and Men pack Outdoor Theatre

Liset Márquez, Staff writer
Posted:   04/13/2013 02:03:00 PM PDT
Updated:   04/13/2013 09:05:18 PM PDT


Of Monsters and Men perform at the Outdoor Theatre on Friday, April 13, 2013 (Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Staff Writer)

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INDIO – It’s that quintessential Coachella moment – the temperatures are starting to cool, beach balls are flying in the air and your favorite band is on the stage.In this case, playing through

Of Monsters and Men (Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Staff Writer)

it all was Icelandic indie/folk band Of Monsters and Men who seemed to be soaking up every minute of it.The six piece band has shot to fame in the last year due in part to their song “Little Talks,” which has brought them international success.

The band’s performance in the Outdoor Theatre late Friday afternoon included singles “Lion Heart” and “From Finner” from their debut album My Head Is An Animal.

The group packed one of the largest crowds of the day. Singers Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar þórhallsson were often joined by fans who were singing along for several of the band’s set.

At one point, during “Lakehouse,” Hilmarsdóttir left the microphone and came out to the edge of the stage to sing to the crowd.

Hilmarsdóttir’s positive disposition was imminent as she swayed back and forth while singing and danced around the stage.

The highlight might have come when Of Monsters and Men performed “Little Talks,” when the audience -at one point over powered the band -serenading them with the chorus. It was obvious Hilmarsdóttir and þórhallsson were enjoying the moment, as they exchanged glances and smiles during the performance.

“We’re happy to be out here and hope to make it an annual thing,” she said. “Thank you, Coachella.”

Maybe we should be thanking them. With that performance summer is, unofficially, in full force. At least for the thousands at Coachella this weekend and next.