Coachella 2013: The Lumineers delight crowd

Coachella 2013: The Lumineers delight crowd

By Liset Marquez, Staff Writer
Posted:   04/15/2013 01:51:45 AM PDT
Updated:   04/15/2013 02:04:06 AM PDT


The Lumineers perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Sunday, April 14, 2013, at the Empire Polo Club in Indio. Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Daily Bulletin (Jennifer Cappuccio Maher)

The Lumineers (Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Staff Writer)

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INDIO -The Lumineers turned their early Sunday afternoon performance on the Coachella main stage into a singalong.The folk-rock band from Denver, Colorado were making their first appearance at the festival. But as much as front man Wesley Schultz tried to turn it into a hootenanny, he was unsuccessful.

It doesn’t mean the crowd wasn’t into the set, because they were – dancing along throughout the set. At least Schultz tried even if they weren’t successful.

After opening their set with “Submarines” from their self-titled debut album, Schutlz asked the audience to sing the chorus “I ain’t nobody’s problem but my own” from the song with the same name.

After trying to coax them, he just continued singing.

It was a smart, and bold move by The Lumineers to get “Ho Hey” early in their set. The song helped catapult the band’s success and earned them two Grammys nominations for best new artist and best Americana album.

At the same time they risked the chance of people walking away from the set early on – it happened to Goyte last year after he played “Somebody That I Use to Know.”

The audience began to sing along from the start but then would trail off. With phones and cameras up in the air many tried to capture the moment.

They also performed a brand new, untitled song which featured Neyla Pekarek on vocals, which the crowd loved, and a piano solo.

He later asked the crowd to sing along to “Stubborn Love,” even practicing the chorus with them first.

One of the band member stood on top of the piano, stomping and clapping to start off “Big Parade.”

Schultz told the crowd “I think this is the biggest crowd we’ve ever played,” and goes back into the song.

To close out their set with “Flapper Girl” and before walking off the the stage they give each other hugs.