Stagecoach 2013: Maggie Rose plays catchy set in sun

Stagecoach 2013: Maggie Rose plays catchy set in sun

Connie Smith entertains Palomino Stage
Posted:   04/26/2013 04:43:33 PM PDT
Updated:   04/26/2013 05:05:43 PM PDT

INDIO – Newcomer Maggie Rose played a sparkling set in the more than 90 degree sun Friday on the mane stage at the Stagecoach country music festival while Connie Smith entertained the faithful in the Palomino Stage.

Potomac, Maryland’s Rose played selections from her debut album “Cut to Impress,” which was released in March. Despite being a new artist, fans near me loudly sang lyrics to most every song including the singles “Better” and “I Ain’t Your Mama.”

Smith’s set included hits like 1967’s “Cincinnati, Ohio” and 1968’s “Run Away Little Tears” as well as 2011’s “What’s a Heart Like You Doing in a Fool Like Me.”

On the mane stage when Rose performed, her sound was well engineered as every instrument could be heard loud and clear despite the heat. Frequently Rose would also discuss her songs before performing them.

“We can be your wife, we can be your girlfriend but we ain’t your momma,” Rose says before performing her single to loud yells and cheers.

Inside the Palomino Stage, the 71-year-old Grammy Award winning Smith was also assisted by a well engineered set that showcased her amazing voice. At one point, she asked the audience if they knew who she was.

“Yes!” the crowd yelled back at her. She then asked what song they wanted to hear and the audience asked for her hit “Cincinnati, Ohio.”

“I don’t know that one,” Smith said with a laugh before performing the song.