Zia Records purchases at Coachella

So I might have been a day
late, but in honor or Record Store Day I headed to Zia Records on Sunday.

The tent was over by the Gobi
tent and after Devendra Banhart’s set made my way to the store.

From what Wes tells me,
Virgin Record store use to occupy that space. This store is based in
Phoenix and also has locations in Las Vegas.

I was a little disappointed
to realize that had I gone in earlier I could have met some of the day’s acts.

Oh well.

But I bought three cds: Beirut and Dr Dog acts and then the
latest ep from Death Cab for Cutie.

Even though I was a day
late I still got a commemorative “Record Store Day,” plastic bag with my

Beirut bangs out the hits

With such an
eclectic sound that includes accordions, trumpets and the ukulele, Zach Condon
and his band Beirut did not miss a beat.

Condon, opened up his set
with “Nantes,” which drew an applause from the audience.

For the third song he got
out the ukulele to a cheer from the crowd as he sang, “Elephant Gun,” At the
start of the song, Condon fumbled over the lyrics a little but the crowd who
was singing along were there to help him out.

During his set, Condon
mentioned to the crowd that he thought the ukulele would “be loud to cover that
noise around us.” He was referring to the music coming from neighboring tent
where I believe Peanut Butter Wolf was performing.

As he went into “Postcards
from Italy,” the crowd did their best to muffle the noise by clapping along.

After finishing up “Scenic
World,” Condo picked up the ukulele and told the hundreds that had gathered to
watch him “I’m very proud to play for you guys.”

As Condon got ready to sing
“Sunday Smile,” he told the crowd “I don’t care if you know the lyrics or not
you can kind of sing along.”

And sing they did.