Crue Fest 2 crowd and other things noticed

The Crue Fest 2 crowd had what most would expect: multiple tattoos, shirtless men and scantily clad women (both with tattoos), a lot of alcohol and even more people who looked to be having a great time.

The San Manuel Amphitheater was noticeably empty however (this includes the main stage, the Monster Energy stage and the vendor booths) until a little before Rev Theory went on.

Around 6:45 p.m. I saw five San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials talking to each other in a group near the food vendor area toward the main entrance and they looked bored to death.

A little bit earlier numerous KCAL 96.7 radio station people were standing around waiting for someone to act interested in their booth.

Some people attributed the emptiness to fighting traffic on a Friday night or they simply didn’t know why. Others said the attendance looked OK to them but they hadn’t been at the venue for the first Motley Crue festival.

I was at the first Crue fest last year and that show looked more packed to me. How can I say that? Well, any seat near me looked filled from my vantage point.

On Friday, instead of seats there was a pit and it was close to half empty just before Motley Crue started. Also, there were at least three rows full of empty seats where I was at in the orchestra section until people moved to sit in them when the Crue started.

The grassy general area looked packed to me this year, which was the same as last year.