Zia Records purchases at Coachella

So I might have been a day
late, but in honor or Record Store Day I headed to Zia Records on Sunday.

The tent was over by the Gobi
tent and after Devendra Banhart’s set made my way to the store.

From what Wes tells me,
Virgin Record store use to occupy that space. This store is based in
Phoenix and also has locations in Las Vegas.

I was a little disappointed
to realize that had I gone in earlier I could have met some of the day’s acts.

Oh well.

But I bought three cds: Beirut and Dr Dog acts and then the
latest ep from Death Cab for Cutie.

Even though I was a day
late I still got a commemorative “Record Store Day,” plastic bag with my

Good vibes from Dr. Dog

I guess it was fitting that I checked out Dr Dog a day after
seeing Paul McCartney since the band has drawn several comparisons to 60s bands such as the Beatles.

As the band performed “Army of Ancient,” I was drawn to Toby’s emotion as he belted out “I don’t want to wake up, I don’t
want to move.”

The band played upbeat versions of songs such as “My Friend,”
and “From.” As Scott wrapped up “From,” he told the crowd gathered at the
Mojave tent someone had put a hex on his electronics. “Seems like I can’t play
with out distortion,” Scott said.

As the trio danced and jammed around the stage you could tell they were having fun.

The Philadelphia-based band will be a nice addition to my music catalog.

Coachella recycles

With temperatures topping the 90s I’m sure we’re everyone is happy to know that Coachella has brought back the 10=1 bottle program. The festival organizer is encouraging everyone to recycle watter bottles and as an incentive you get a free water bottle.

The heat was on the mind ove many today including one of the bandmembers of Dr. Dog who said “I know it’s awful but it’s worth it.”