Hollywood makes it to Coachella

Los Angeles may have been more than 120 miles away from the Polo Field
grounds in Indio but from what I hear and saw there was no shortage of celebrity

I actually had a few of my own.

In the first day I spotted
Kate Bosworth and I believe promoter Brent Bolthouse. I actually saw Bosworth
later on that night looking for a spot to catch Paul McCartney.

Also it was rumored that Ann Hathaway as well as Twlight actor, Robert Pattinson were there on Friday but I never saw them.

On Sunday my sister said she spotted reality star “Mystery,”
from the dating-advice show on VH1.

As I watched Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs I saw Alicia Silverstone
pass by and fresh off their
performance, Peter and John were seen making their way back to the VIP area.