Hollywood makes it to Coachella

Los Angeles may have been more than 120 miles away from the Polo Field
grounds in Indio but from what I hear and saw there was no shortage of celebrity

I actually had a few of my own.

In the first day I spotted
Kate Bosworth and I believe promoter Brent Bolthouse. I actually saw Bosworth
later on that night looking for a spot to catch Paul McCartney.

Also it was rumored that Ann Hathaway as well as Twlight actor, Robert Pattinson were there on Friday but I never saw them.

On Sunday my sister said she spotted reality star “Mystery,”
from the dating-advice show on VH1.

As I watched Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs I saw Alicia Silverstone
pass by and fresh off their
performance, Peter and John were seen making their way back to the VIP area.

Peter Bjorn and John

brought out Lykke Li to perform “Young Folks” on the Coachella stage for their Sunday performance at the Coachella stage. I didn’t see this (I was writing my festival story here at the press tent) but my colleague Liset Marquez caught it and texted me the scoop.