Cypress Hill Smokeout announces more acts with Korn, Wiz Khalifa, Cafe Tacuba & Dirty Heads

57219-smokeout-thumb-301x386-57218.jpgThe Cypress Hill Smokeout 2012 event announced more acts this week. 
Besides previously announced Cypress Hill and Sublime With Rome, acts Korn, Wiz Khalifa, Cafe Tacuba and Dirty Heads were announced for the March 3 festival and medical marijuana expo at the National Orange Show, 689 S. E St, in San Bernardino.
Tickets go on sale to the general public at 4:20 p.m. Dec. 17. 
For more information, head to:

Wiz Khalifa, Fashawn and Logic sold out the Glass House

The Glass House in Pomona, which can hold about 800 people, was sold out Wednesday night for the hip-hop sounds of Pittsburgh-based headliner Wiz Khalifa, Fresno’s Fashawn and Logic.

I actually tried to purchase a ticket Wednesday and was told the venue was sold out. The line for the show (of people who actually had tickets) went around the building.

Here’s the story I wrote to preview of the show:

Fresno independent hip-hop artist Fashawn will
perform Wednesday with headliner Wiz Khalifa and artist Logic at The
Glass House in Pomona.

The 21-year-old artist was able to create the critically praised
“Boy Meets World” album in 2009 that received a lot of attention in the
hip-hop world and online.

“I’m happy with it, man,” he said in a recent interview. “A
lot of people perceive that as a classic. I got the chance to tell my
story and see people’s reactions to it. To say I have an album on the
shelves in 2010 that people went out and bought … it’s like a lost

Fashawn, real name Santiago Leyva, said his live show is “more
of a party environment, where everyone is involved and theatrical. It’s
the story of my whole life.”

Fashawn said he will continue to work with producer Exile, who
created the sound for his “Boy Meets World” album.

“We have so much music you haven’t heard. We just did some
recording in Paris and Germany. Me and him and (hip-hop artist) Blu …
it don’t stop. We’re creative people and this is what we do when you get
us in a room.”

Ice Cube, the pioneering gangsta rap artist and actor,
recently made some comments that some people have interpreted as being
negative against new artists from California. On his blog in late
February, Cube wrote: “For 7 or 8 years now the West Coast has been
trying to do music that appeals to the South and Midwest … Left coast
MCs were now trying to change their sound to cater to all the followers. We lost our way.” In a
March blog he clarified the comments and wrote “I wish every young MC
nothing but success, especially the ones from the New West.”

Fashawn, when asked if he heard about the comments, said, “He’s
one of my favorite emcees … I’ve never met him. Is he talking about
me? I don’t know. If so, it is what it is. You can’t have the new
without the old and vice versa. I don’t trip off it. I represent central

Pittsburgh-based Khalifa is touring off the just-released
mixtape “Kush & Orange Juice.”

Fashawn said he also has new material coming up. He said he’s
getting ready to release a free mixtape titled “Ode To Illmatic,”
another mixtape with Fresno artists called “Grizzly City 3” and
sophomore album “The Ecology” in 2011.