NFL to Los Angeles – the very latest

By Vincent Bonsignore

Whew, what a crazy weekend in the NFL. And while Los Angeles is still without a team – and it looks like that will be the case at least one more year – the City of Angels certainly dominated the weekend news cycle.

To recap, the St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and NFL have all agreed to shelve plans to relocate to Los Angeles until at least 2016. There are various reasons why it won’t happen sooner, but the primary reason is the NFL is essentially orchestrating this process and it wants to insure a virtual no-fail situation when and if someone finally pulls the trigger on moving to Los Angeles.

And the means the ideal stadium deal – the league could be taking the lead on that process – and the right team or teams re-locating.

Needless to say, it is vital the NFL gets this right. And they are leaving no stone unturned in insuring that.

All that said, here is an up-to-date recap of where we are and what exactly happened this weekend with insight and reactions from across the country.

On Saturday, the Rams, Raiders and Chargers – in conjunction with the NFL – halted any move to Los Angeles for the 2015 season.

The Chargers decided against exercising their annual opt-out clause with their lease at Qualcomm Stadium.

The Raiders will soon re-up at Coliseum for the 2015 season, but local fans remain worried it’s just a one-year delay until the Silver and Black bolt for Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, momentum seems to be building for a suitable stadium deal  that will keep the Rams in St. Louis long term.

Lastly, despite long odds, San Antonio leaders remain confident they are a viable option for the Raiders.