NFL: What to expect at today’s Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities meeting

The Rams and Chargers and Raiders will give updates to the NFL’s Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities about their local stadium situations and their stadium projects in Inglewood and Carson this afternoon in New York.

While part of the updates will involve what’s going on in St. Louis and San Diego and Oakland, make no mistake, this is about selling Inglewood or Carson as the site the NFL should chose for its triumphant return to Los Angeles.

And with the league closing in on a decision about who will relocate to Los Angeles by the end of 2015 – and at what site – the Rams and Chargers and Raiders will undoubtedly be selling their L.A. dreams today.

For the Rams, that means pushing owner Stan Kroenke’s Inglewood stadium site.

For the Raiders and Chargers, it’s extolling the virtues of the joint stadium they are proposing in Carson should new homes not emerge in Oakland and Dan Diego.

And what does that mean, exactly?

The Rams strategy appears to be selling their site and their long history in Los Angeles as insuring a successful return to Los Angeles, while also being willing participants in helping the Chargers and Raiders secure financially beneficial new stadiums and futures.

With a ready made fan base in L.A., the financial mite of a multi-billionaire owner, and an extravagant stadium  on a site Los Angeles fans are familiar with, the Rams will push their plan as the best bet for the NFL’s re-entry into the second-biggest market in the country after a 20-year absence.

The thinking is clear: The NFL has one shot to get it right in L.A. and that’s the Rams in Inglewood. And with room to add another team, either the Chargers or Raiders can be brought on. Once that mission is completed, attention will turn to insuring the third team’s objectives are met.

As for the Chargers and Raiders sales pitch, longtime NFL executive Carmen Policy will lead the presentation. He gave me a preview of his update – which you can read here – and the basis is that Carson offers a solution to two California teams stadium situations. And they will do it as partners in a two-teamed owned stadium

As Policy told me:

“The NFL has been saying since I’ve been involved with NFL committees involved in L.A., whenever the NFL returns to L.A. it will do so with plans to bring two teams. There position is, eventually there will be two teams in L.A. Everything we have studied, everything we have looked at, says if you are going to bring two teams to L.A. the wise, most prudent, most strategic thinking to do is to bring them to L.A. at the same time. Part of that is marketing, but more importantly, we have found that the concept of owner-team, tenant-team doesn’t work. All it does is breed complexity, conflict and sometimes even contempt. One team will always be viewed as the home team. The other team is viewed as the team paying rent. So from the outset, you do it correctly so you aren’t building a stadium that the owner designs and oh, by the way, I’ll make accommodations for the second team and their idea of accommodations is putting in extra locker rooms.

“Look at the 49ers, that’s their stadium. They designed it. Everything about that stadium speaks to the 49ers and their ownership. They did design it in a way that you could say it accommodates a second team. But that second team wouldn’t just be a secondary tenant, they’d feel it all the way through and you couldn’t help but operate it in a fashion that reflects that.

“Here we are with a chance to take two California teams, in the two worst stadium situations in the NFL – they’re in trouble – and you can cure that with one move and build a spectacular building that each of those teams own. And it’s in the perfect available spot in L.A.

“If you just follow the logic, it pushes you to a logical conclusion. And we believe that is Carson.”

Making that case continues today in New York. Down the road, all 32 owners will gather for a special meeting in Chicago August 11 to hear the latest updates to that point.

And at some point after that, the NFL will get down to the business of deciding what team or teams will relocate to Los Angeles, and where they will play.

  • Youngblood

    Either way, the second fiddle be the Chargers.

  • DM Rossi

    The LOS ANGELES Rams in Inglewood! NO team in that TOXIC dumpsite in CARSONogen!!

    The NFL thinks the concussion issue was a nightmare? Wait until the lawsuits start rolling in over the mysterious deseases that the players and spectators start getting as a result of this biohazard cesspool in CARSONogen!!!

  • L

    “With a ready made fan base in L.A”, for someone who is probably close to my age (40 ish), I think you have to acknowledge that there are many football fans, especially 33 years and younger, who are not cogniscent of the Rams’ history with LA. It’s been 20 years since they left and there is a generation of Angelinos that don’t understand the history of the Rams. The Chargers do have a say in the LA market, and the Raiders as a California team, is a team that the area is continuously exposed to with annual appearances to the Southern California area. So with that, your personal assumption that, “The thinking is clear: The NFL has one shot to get it right in L.A. and that’s the Rams in Inglewood”, is just one man’s opinion and do not reflect the millions that live here as well. It is your opinion, and if it is believed as such, it still defies the mandated logic set forth by the league to determine who gets to relocate in southern California. I get that there are those that believe your logic as well, but there are equally as many, if not more, that believe otherwise, including those that will ultimately decide.

    • Gerald Reynolds

      I’m sorry but your argument doesn’t pass muster. There are many under the age of 33 because of family tradition who do know the Rams were LA’s team for 5 decades. You must be a Raiders fan.

      • L

        It’s a new time, buddy. Those millions in grade school, high school, college, and those new to the working world have never associated the Rams with LA. There is no argument as to who would better adapt to LA, but the very small percentage of our communities who still care for their old teams. I work for the largest electrical utility in the region and I can guarantee you they will reserve a corporate suite in either on of those teams and in either one of those stadiums.

        My family were Rams fans, I’ve been to many of the games in Anaheim, but I personally liked the Raiders. I became a fan in the early eighties and although I liked the Rams by family, my true team was the Raiders. So personally, I can care less who shows up. I’m just expressing what two plans I feel sounds the most logical, how I feel the league will vote based on their criteria for moving. The last time someone went rogue, that person ended up spending the next 30 years with a grudge against the league. This time around would have bigger financial implications.

    • Just a guy

      So… you attack a guy’s “personal assumption” when he is making no such assumption?
      Vinny is explaining *Stan Kroenke’s* line of thought in making the pitch to the NFL that the Rams would be the best fit.
      What, are you from Stl???
      The Raiders are in Northern California and have no special standing in LA. I would *never* pay to see a Raiders game in LA again.
      Chargers may have a beef.. .and maybe that’s why the league is creating the image that Carson is *close* to Inglewood.. when we all know it isn’t.
      All that aside.. there’s absolutely no debate over which project has the better financing. Stan has the resources to back up any problems that happen in paying off the new stadium… Davis and Spanos? Nope. Who would you sell that mortgage to?
      It’s not even close.

      • L

        LOL, I’m not attacking V’s assumption, just disagreeing with it. You’re being completely subjective and I’m just stating what’s logical based on the current circumstances. And if you think a team BELONGS or has a certain right to a city, apparently the NFL disagrees with you, as teams have historically moved from one town to another. I believe the Rams started in Cleveland, am I not right?

        I’m just explaining the ineviable. And your argument over who has the better argument is laughable. One is not relative to the other, and by the way, business 101, revenue growth without financial liabilities is what makes business work, and if Kroenke has to choose to either pay back the 500 million or so or allow the city to pick up the tab, how do you think he made his money? And guess what, the Carson plan is virtually similar to public financing as neither team is liable for the loan, the new Authority is.

        You can make all the arguments you want, bottom line, if it differs from the League’s sentiment, you’re just going to be left with utter dissapointment when it’s all said and done.

  • DM Rossi

    There are still A LOT of Rams fans in Los Angeles. MORE than you think L!

    20 years ago was not that long ago in relation to football. The Rams roots in Los Angeles run deep. REALLY deep and is the only fan base that WILL fill the new stadium on a regular basis and Stan Kroenke knows this.

    Welcome home LOS ANGELES Rams and your 49 year history!

    • L

      I was born and raised in the LA area. You don’t have to argue your points on the Rams. And let’s be realistic, how many Rams paraphanelia do you see on the streets. I never see them. It’s Chargers and Raiders for the most part. And of course you have your share of Niner, Cowboys, Dolphins, Vikings, etc. Just being honest, If there are still a lot of Rams’ fans in the LA area, they’re in hiding.

      • DM Rossi

        I see A LOT or Rams parafanelia still here! In fact, there was a WHOLE bunch at Dodger Stadium the other night and I always see it at the Lakers and Clippers games too!

        I’ve lived here since the 1960’s and can say without hesitation that the Los Angeles Rams are still alive and healthy here in Southern California and when they come back, the NFL and the entire country will see how much.

        • L

          Not arguing there are loyal Rams’ fans in LA. I’ve been to many of their games myself. Just saying that the argument can’t be objectively made when there are as many Raider fans and believe it or not, there are a healthy amount of Chargers’ fans as well. So the statement , Rams should be a shoe in because of the established fanbase, is purely subjective as either of the 3 fans can say the same and be just as relevant.

        • L

          Just being honest. I don’t even know what a Rams decal would look like because I don’t I’ve ever seen any. Many of us spend a good portion of our day on the freeway and I see your typical Raider emblems and an occasional Charger bolt on the back of a pickup truck window. Do the Rams have the big horns as their decal? I just don’t see them.

          Among my immediate coworkers, there are 4 Raider fans, 2 Chargers, 1 Bills, 2 Cowboys, 1 Niners, and 3 that don’t have any. And between them, there are 2 that would rather have the Rams move, mainly because of the negative perception of the name. The success of our Kings are proof that the Raiders and their “silver and black” logos can successfully work if the team manages it’s PR right. If you go back in history, Bruce McNally changed the colors of his hockey team because he liked the Raiders’ colors….

          You’re denying the fact that either of those teams will be successful in LA, obviously because you’re a fan of the Rams.

      • Michael Sanchez-stevens

        That is the funniest post i have read in a long looong time!!..where do you live to see charger and raider gear?…
        laughing still laughing #LA Rams

        • L

          Been 10 days since this post and I’ve yet to see a Rams sticker on a car. Yet I continue to see Raiders and Chargers…..and I commute through the OC, where the Rams played last. Just being jonest, lol you know it’s the truth if you live here. Don’t deny it.

  • R. A. Fajardo

    For all of you that don’t think the Rams have support here, I refer you to a poll taken by the LA Times Which was to vote for which team do you want in LA – The result 62 percent Rams, 33 percent Raiders and 5 percent Chargers

  • Frank Terrazas

    look people ,would you rather have a team with an owner that has deep pockets who will probably do what it takes to turn his team into a winner once he moves them back home,or a team owned by TOMMIE BOY,who doesn’t know what he’s doing,or an owner who thinks he can get more support from more than the 50 or so fans that drive down to san diego every so often to see the chargers play? my money is on STAN THE MAN .LA RAMS all the way

    • L

      Rams 10 losing years, both owners fall in the same salary cap structure, completely irrelevent.