Good news, not such good news on St. Louis stadium bid

On the eve of the NFL’s fall owners meeting in New York, which is taking on a distinct Los Angeles feel, a well-timed news item was dropped by the St. Louis task force in charge of putting together a stadium deal to keep the Rams in Missouri.

One it hopes turns heads among NFL owners tasked with deciding whether to approve or reject Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s dream home in Los Angeles.

The task force announced that National Car Rental has agreed to name a prospective St. Louis football stadium for 20 years and $158 million, which represents an increase from revenue the Rams currently yield from the naming rights at their current stadium, the Edward Jones Dome.

The deal was arranged by the St. Louis stadium task force and signed with the St. Louis Regional Sports Authority, which would own the stadium.

On the surface, it looks like a significant win in St. Louis’ efforts to keep the Rams. And while it might not be enough to sway the support Kroenke currently has by some owners, it might tilt the field in St. Louis’ direction with owners sitting on the fence.

That still remains to be seen, of course. Owners are currently working their way through the complicated matter – which includes the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders joint stadium effort in Carson – and hope to have a decision by January.

On the flip side, after doing some poking around the last couple of days in New York, it’s safe to say there is growing concern within the NFL that Missouri and St. Louis actually gets their stadium deal over the goal line. The league appreciates and is encouraged by the progress local leaders have made, but are growing anxious due to the delayed submittal of a promised deal term sheet.

Meanwhile, there are obstacles in the way of approving the deal and growing concern the project may cost taxpayers more than originally anticipated.

Those are real challenges, and as an NFL source told me this week, until a deal is officially in place it’s really all just talk for now.

And that doesn’t even get into the fact the Rams really have no desire to remain in St. Louis, even if their Los Angeles bid is rejected.

Sources have mentioned Kroenke might simply go back to the Edward Jones Dome on one-year leases and turn attention to Toronto or London. And if the Chargers and Raiders move to Los Angeles, the Bay Area and San Diego could be markets he looks considers buying land and developing a new home for the Rams.




  • Rocky Stone

    If he’s rejected to go to LA, he’ll be rejected to move period. The NFL will push StanK to deal with STL, like Kraft in New England.

  • LAsportsfan

    Even with National Car Rental Field being the name of the riverfront stadium and National Car Rental signing a 20-year naming rights deal worth $158 million, it didn’t go well with NFL types (owners, executives) and also the St. Louis stadium task force still hasn’t presented their “term sheet” to the NFL (and that is a potential game changer for the NFL to Los Angeles).

    • Mike Cohen

      The term sheet is a formality. It will be forthcoming once the city of STL BOA passes the stadium bill in a few weeks. Once that is done, the financing will be essentially in place. 95% of the land has been acquired and the remainder could be gained using eminent domain, if necessary…..though I don’t believe it will. Watch and learn. STL will be putting an “actionable” stadium proposal in the NFL’s hands shortly. And, it will be real.

  • Brian Gochezzi

    I’m a go out on the limb and say that if the Raiders do indeed move to LA, ex president of walt Disney Michael Ovitz with Magic Johnson’s help will be the knew men to run the Raiders and will rebrand the franchise from being Hells Angels to Pirates of the Caribbean.. Just hypothetical.

    • Mike Cohen

      You know, you weren’t too far off with your crystal ball. They selected Iger. You should go to the Casino!

      • Brian Gochezzi

        Lol, thanks. But I sure as hell was not goona bet the house on it. Lol

  • DKnight007

    What’s this about Kroenke and NFL working out a deal to keep Raiders in Oakland and help bridge the 400 million funding gap on loan to get new stadium there while Rams and Chargers get LA?

  • Kronkee

    Rams to England. Renamed– Warewolves of London.

  • Lio Woo

    I think as long as Los Angeles has two NFL teams San Diego will be out of luck. However, if the Rams/Chargers end up relocating I could see San Diego get another one. However, population is moving south and west so San Diego might make sense down the road.

  • Wayrma New York

    That doesn’t even get into the fact the Rams really have no desire to remain in St. Louis, even if their Los Angeles bid is rejected.