San Diego delivers final stadium proposal to NFL

The city of San Diego met its December 30th deadline today by submitting a final stadium update/proposal to the National Football League. City leaders hope to convince the NFL it is on the right track to approving a new stadium to keep the Chargers, but with a vote needed next summer to secure the local financing and the NFL intent on deciding the Chargers relocation plans to Los Angeles in early January, there is a timing issue involved.

You can view the proposal here.

The Chargers have remained steadfast for months they are not confident  San Diego can deliver an approved financing plan, nor guarantee the project won’t get bogged down in court on environmental impact elements. As a result, they have been focused squarely on gaining NFL approval to Carson, where they are planning a joint stadium with the Oakland Raiders.

The league and its 32 owners will take San Diego’s update into account over the next two weeks, although owners seem determined to decide between the Chargers and Raiders Carson project and St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s Inglewood proposal between January 12th and 13th in Houston.

The winning bid and teams require 24 votes from the league’s 32 owners.

St. Louis has already delivered it’s final stadium proposal to the NFL as has Oakland.