Rams G.M. Les Snead says team will be prepared to move up or back in draft

With then NFL Draft looming in two weeks, the Rams are in organizational prep mode as they sort through their Top 30 player visit list, build their draft board and identify trade partners should they try to move up or back in the first round.

The trade homework is of particular importance this year to the Rams. With an obvious need to identify their long-ranger quarterback of the future, but armed with the 15th overall pick, the Rams might have to be aggressive moving up in the draft to get a chance to select either Carson Wentz from North Dakota State or Jared Goff from Cal.

Wentz and Goff are considered the two best quarterbacks in the draft, but both figure to be gone before the Rams make their scheduled first pick. So, it’s incumbent on them to identify potential trade partners in the two weeks leading up to the first round.

Or, should Goof and Wentz prove out of reach, be prepared to pursue other plans to secure their long range quarterback.

Rams general manager Les Snead told Bruce Murray and Mark Dominik today on The SiriusXM Blitz that he and his staff will be prepared for any trade scenario come draft day.

Snead, taking a break from Rams draft meetings at their temporary headquarters in Oxnard, said the prep work on possible trades happens well before draft day.

“The who key is you try to identify teams that are willing to move back, so you know who to contact when the clock starts getting closer to zero,” Snead said. “And also, as for moving back, you get a feel for who wants to come up. So you work it both ways, you prepare, but those 10 minutes, 15 minutes will tick down pretty quickly.”

Snead did warn that knowing who is willing to move down is much different than actually having a deal in place.

“And a lot of times that dance partner is going to tell you, yes they want to, for the most part, but they do want to wait to see who falls to their pick,” he explained. “And if a certain player falls to their pick, you may have had a dance partner but all of a sudden things go differently or they had their Player A scenario fall to them.”

In other words, no dice.

“And at that point, you start scrambling,” Snead said.