New PAC to be formed in Northwest Pasadena

PASADENA -Word around the water cooler in Northwest Pasadena and Altadena is that disgruntled residents are looking to form a new political action committee. 

for Accountability
will work as a counterbalance to ACT Pasadena and
other political action groups that some claim are tied too close
to City Hall and Pasadena’s political establishment, according to elected officials
close to the new political group.

close to the Citizens for Accountability, report that former Pasadena City College
President Luther Renfroe,
along with activist and former member of the
Altadena Economic Development Board John Duncan are principal
organizers in the group.

telling what the group will focus on, but judging from the name of
the group and knowing Duncan’s obsession with the way city and county
funds are used in the communities north of the freeway, Citizens for
Accountability might start looking into community development block

With Duncan’s political ties, it’s likely the
group may begin to challenge ACT-backed candidates in elections.

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