It only looks like summer school

— Summer enrichment camps claim to have the antidote for summer
brain drain – a combination of school, work, fun and the prohibition
of bureaucratic terms that find their way into the classroom during
the school year.

never want to hear the words test or standards,” said Angela
Parris, special project director for the Pasadena Educational

who heads up a program operating at five campuses across Pasadena and
Altadena calls it “fun-based learning.”

program she runs just opened its newest campus in Altadena.

definitely wanted to have a site in Altadena and the Northwest,
she said. “We know transportation was an issue for this community.”

addition to the PEF program, El Centro de Accion Social operates a
summer enrichment program under massive oak trees at Central Park.
Students split time between academics, trips to the library, the
police and fire stations and physical activities.

Miranda, a kindergarten teacher who works at the El Centro program,
uses disco to lead her students through the alphabet.

have a song for everything,” she said, smiling.

lesson plans on the alphabet are designed to prepare the children for

program is an extension of the school year, and in some cases
prepares our children for the upcoming school year,” said Coralito
Albares, El Centro’s summer school coordinator.

the Star-News for more of the story. 

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