McFarland search warrant questioned

– Defense attorney Bill Paparian claims the Pasadena Police
Department’s search and seizure of items belonging to Kelvin “Sgt.
Mac” McFarland was baseless and will ask a judge to throw it
out, according to court documents obtained Thursday.

the 40-year-old youth boot camp operator accused in the May 16
kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl, is due in court Aug. 1. The search
warrant called for the seizure of child pornography and firearms from
McFarland’s Monrovia home.

said police had no grounds to tell a judge that such items might be
found in McFarland’s home and noted that a detective cut and pasted
wording from another warrant into paperwork submitted to Pasadena
Superior Court Judge Janice Croft.

they served the warrant on May 27, police recovered handcuffs and
family-style home videos from McFarland’s home, Paparian said.

was no basis to make the allegation that child porn would be found at
the premises,” Paparian said. “In the statement of probable
cause there is no mention made of any allegation involving a

more of the story see the Star-News. 

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