We better all get along

PASADENA – Notes from Northwest Pasadena fans, excuse my
absence from the blog.

I have been under the weather. In the time since my last
post, a few newsworthy things have occurred.

The country is moving closer to debtageddon, the Pasadena
City Hall
and the Pasadena Unified School District are actually working on
something together
, and the N.F.L. will have a season.

The first development just shows me the absolute disconnect
between politicians and the citizens. While Congress and the White House slap
at the debt rating like a hockey puck, each side trying to stuff the issue into
the other team’s goal, Wall Street began to show its concerns over debt
apocalypse on Monday. Bailed out bankers don’t like uncertainty from government
anymore than cops, fireman and newspaper reporters.

The political algebra is simple.

The GOP wants to force President Barack Obama into two
debt-ceiling votes in hopes of turning a procedural matter into an election
issue. Obama wants to avoid two debt-ceiling votes, in order to not hand the
Republicans another 2012 campaign narrative, but he also wants to avoid the
affects two such votes would have on the economy. The uncertainty and angst in
the markets would only grow worse if the country was facing another debt
ceiling vote in six or nine months.

Against that backdrop, we have the current debate, which
looks like Dodgers-Giants or in my case Yankees-Sox. The sides talk, they don’t
agree and they badmouth each other in the press. Maybe it’s more like Hulk
and the Iron Sheik.

The central workings of our economy have been transformed
into political sport, and it’s time for both sides to call next score wins,
come in for dinner because the street light is about to come on, and mom is on
the porch calling both of you for dinner.

That especially goes for the Republican freshman. Some of
them think hitting the debt ceiling won’t prompt a default, or at the very
least have severe monetary consequences.

If credit card rates jump any higher and credit gets
tighter, some of you will be out of office and some more of us out of our

And while this debate rages thousands of miles away, the
debt ceiling has ramifications in Northwest Pasadena. The community development
block grants
that support the panoply of nonprofits in Northwest Pasadena come
from the U.S. Department of Housing. Hit the debt limit, the government can’t
pay its obligations and there is the chance that those funds could be

The PUSD is working with City Hall on a temporary fire
station. How about the PUSD is working with City Hall.

Republicans and Democrats take note, two organizations that
don’t often find common ground on which to stand and work together see a crisis
that will affect both parties and they worked together.

There will be an N.F.L. season, which means I need to
upgrade from my tube television and get a digital antenna, since I cancelled
cable months ago.

Which goes to my earlier point. If the debt ceiling doesn’t
get fixed and the credit markets act erratically, then I might not be able to
buy that flat-screen television and will miss my beloved Giants.

If that happens, the government will have more than fickle markets to worry about, they will have disgruntled football fans on their hands. 

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