Northwest Pasadena arts and culture scene gets new additions

PASADENA – A pair of Northwest Pasadena women are redefining
repurposed clothes, while contributing to a growing arts and culture scene in
their neighborhood.

Florencia Carrizo and Melissa Maldonado are the owners and
designers of Malamorphos Clothing, a company that fashions new clothes from
fabrics salvaged from vintage pieces.

“It’s called up-cycled clothing,” Maldonado said.

Silk and cotton are meshed with 1970s-era polyester to make
clothes that Maldonado called “a bit ethnic, but not.”

She qualified her comment.

“It has an ethnic feel. It’s very colorful…and
sexy,” she added.

But there isn’t much for men, Maldonado admitted.

“We don’t have anything for guys except ties.”

Perhaps as important as the clothes themselves is the duo’s
showplace. Their home gallery west of Lake Avenue in Pasadena also serves as their store. 

A grand opening is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday
at 776 Elmira Street in Pasadena.

The opening will mark the latest addition to Northwest
Pasadena’s art scene. Along Lincoln Avenue, the Northwest Education Center
offers visitors a brief overview of American history, history of Pasadena and
guided tours.

For more information on Malamorphos go to the website:

more information on the Northwest Education Center call: 626-201-8204. 

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