PEF reacts to Notes from Northwest Pasadena blog

Following my post yesterday, where I questioned the rationale behind public employee salaries, I got a response from the Pasadena Educational Foundation. George Brumder, the PEF board president, said we could post the response in Notes from Northwest Pasadena and complimented me on the blog. 
Here is PEF’s response to yesterday’s blog post:
Nothing is more important for the well-being of our community than a strong public school system. We want the PUSD to become once again one of the nation’s strongest, most effective districts, a model of excellence in K-12 education — a district whose schools we’ll all be proud of.  

To that end, we believe that we must have the strongest possible superintendent, and we should pay what we have to in order to attract that superintendent.  We cannot expect a less than great superintendent to lead us in building a great school district.  We support our Board of Education for doing what’s best for our schools and for our community.

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