Pasadena sits on name of prostitution suspects

– In yet another case of Pasadena secrecy, City Hall and the
Pasadena Police Department refused Monday to release the names of 12
suspects arrested in a prostitution sting.

12 alleged johns were nabbed in the 3100 block of East Colorado

Star-News has the rest of the story here.

the location isn’t within the boundaries of Northwest Pasadena, the
decision by City Hall and Police Department not to release the names
has consequences for those in Northwest Pasadena, many of whom have
continued to fight for more transparency in government and the police

of drug suspects along with the names of suspected Northwest
 gang members are routinely released to the public.

of the members of hiring committees in the Police Chief search, or the names of the Use of Force board aren’t automatically released to the public.

selective transparency in government good enough?

* An earlier version of this post pointed to the lack of transparency by City Hall in the hiring of department heads. While the city has released information on the hiring of department heads to the public, in at least one occasion the release of the selection committee members came after public clamoring and at the request of the Star-News.

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