Pasadena man shot celebrating friend’s release from jail

Marvin Laguan, 18, of Alhambra was shot and killed in the 400 block
of North Mar Vista Avenue late Monday night, according to the
Pasadena Police Department.

was talking to his girlfriend when a man approached and fired between
six and eight shots, one striking the victim in the neck, according
to witnesses at the scene.

was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital where he died at 10:17
p.m., according to the Pasadena Police Department.

suspects, described as black men in the early 20s, standing between 5
feet 8 inches and 6 feet tall and wearing baggy clothing, fled the
scene, officials said.

was celebrating the recent release of a friend from jail, according
to sources close to the victim.

were just kicking it and he came out to get some beer that his
girlfriend brought from the store,” said a close friend of
Laguan, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We were in the
back of the buildings we didn’t see anything.”

friends were not aware whether he had any gang affiliations, but said
the victim was employed at Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit
organizations that provide job training for ex-gang members.

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