Blogger weighs in on Rose Bowl role in NFL return to L.A.

– In another entry from the department of shameless blogger
self-promotion, L.A. Biz Observed weighed in on the Star-News
story about the Rose Bowl playing temporary home to an NFL team.

, who has worked for the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles
Daily News
, Investor’s Business Daily, and is currently a business
analyst for KPCC, said the obstacles any owner would face
when bringing a team to Los Angeles may discourage a franchise from
coming to the area.

didn’t just point to the issues raised by the Linda Vista Annandale
Association, but also noted the scheduling conflicts at the Rose
Bowl, which would make it problematic to host home games in the last
two weeks of the NFL regular season and during the playoffs.

The payoff lines in the piece comes at the end of Lacter’s post:

and over comes the same basic question: Are all these problems worth
the time and expense it would take to bring the NFL back to L.A.?
Unless you’re AEG, the mayor, the City Council, or a few stray
sportswriters, the answer continues to be no.

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