McFarland switches lawyers

– In a shocking development in the Kelvin “Sgt. Mac” McFarland
case, his lawyer Bill Paparian has been “relieved of his duties.”

court declared a conflict of interest in the case and allowed
Paparian to cease representing McFarland in the kidnapping,
extortion, child endangerment and child abuse case, Paparian said.

McFarland was also charged with unlawful use of a badge.

wouldn’t comment as to nature of the conflict.

to Paparian, McFarland will now be represented by an attorney from the
Los Angeles County Public Defender’s office.

returns to court for a pretrial conference Oct. 12.

May 16, McFarland allegedly handcuffed a 14-year-old, drove her to a
home belonging to the victim’s relative and allegedly extorted money
from the victim’s father. McFarland allegedly threatened to take the
girl to a juvenile detention center for being truant if the family
failed to pay him $100 as a deposit for enrollment into his Family
First Growth Camp, a Pasadena-based juvenile boot camp the money.

was arrested on May 27.

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