Fire season, sundowner winds and why I hate hot weather

PASADENA – September brings the start of a new football season, the beginning of the school and the return of the hot, dry weather that drives me to the beach each weekend. 

Problem is, this round of hot weather kicked off Monday and really got going on Tuesday. Mid-week heat waves are not only useless, in the sense that people are stuck at work, but uncomfortable since I am forced to look presentable at work.

I wish I could wear shorts. 

But this weather packs a more powerful punch than merely making someone uncomfortable at work or during a commute. It can be dangerous.

Fire season may be year round , but it doesn’t resonate in the collective consciousness until the Labor Day is prominently displayed on a refrigerator calendar and the mercury begins to flirt with the 100-degree mark. In these parts, those two occurrences make for common bedfellows. 

The Los Angeles County Fire Department hasn’t issued a red flag warning in response to the sundowner winds forecast for the area. 

The winds have been connected to past brush fires.  

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