Fair Oaks PAC gets next swing at Heritage Square labor deal

– The City Council voted 5-0 to approve the $21.28 million
senior housing project at Heritage Square and a plan to leverage jobs
for residents.

approval Monday night paves the way for the Fair Oaks
Project Area Committee
to open talks with the developer, Bridge
Housing Corp.

talks are set to begin Sept. 27 and are open to the public.

many, the City Council’s approval of the project and a
“community benefits agreement” marks significant progress
in efforts to secure more work for Pasadena residents.

so long overdue,” said Ishmael Trone, Fair Oaks PAC chairman.

Star-News has the rest of the story

community leaders have applauded the effort to lasso in more jobs for
Pasadena residents, the effectiveness of this plan will come down to
what’s in the wording of the actual deal and the execution.

are some questions about the agreement going forward.

will oversee the agreement?

we hit the 20 percent number?

type of jobs will be secured?

Pasadena face the same roadblocks to local hiring as it did on the
Rose Bowl, where contractors and subcontractors said they couldn’t
find qualified workers to fill positions?

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