Gold lines goes to the birds

– In news from the edge of Northwest Pasadena – ie the Gold Line – a
man boarded the 6:13 p.m. train headed to Union Station with a live duck in a cage.

My reaction ranged from confused to outright scared.

What about the bird flu? 

Who gets on a train with a duck?

Was this a therapy animal, or worse, dinner?

I was too scared to ask the man or his duck for a name, the first thing any journalist worth his salt would have done. 

I just watched the duck pace around the cage, take a few sips from his water dish, then squat down like he was sitting on a nest. 

Occasionally, the duck snapped his beak, to which his owner responded with words of encouragement that his feathered friend had nothing to worry about. 

However, the tone of the man’s voice was a tad disturbing. Was this the next wave of cruelty free animal rearing. Was the man taking the duck “for a little ride” before turning the bird into Duck a L’orange?

Working under the assumption that the duck was a therapy or “emotional support” animal, the man and the duck had every right to board the train. 

While ducks are not included in Metro’s guidelines for boarding trains with therapy animals, rodents, snakes and reptiles can ride the train as long as they are caged; theoretically clearing the way for caged ducks.

the passage:

animals must have been trained to perform a task for the individual
directly related to their needs. (Emotional support animals, therapy
animals, snakes, rodents and reptiles are examples of non-service
animals. These animals must be in a cage that is of suitable
dimensions for the animal and a size that does not block the aisle.
Backpacks, purses, and other items used to carry these animals are
not suitable carriers allowed on Metro buses).

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