Star-News editor Frank Girardot chimes on King of Pop murder case

– I recently dumped cable television at my house and decided to
stream straight from the Internet.

decision has only partially shielded me from the media’s saturated
coverage of the Michael Jackson murder case. It’s on constatly in the

I have been a bit ambivalent about the Jackson case.

one hand Dr. Conrad Murray’s ultimate responsibility lie in Jackson’s
health, not mollifying the pop star’s drug habit.

Jackson was shrewd in his pursuit of drugs, using bogus names and
multiple staffers to score the prescription dope he craved and
believed served as the lubricant that kept the ‘Gloved One’s’ entertainment machine running on all cylinders.

Murray’s responsibility as Jackson’s physician trumped all.

of acting like a man of letters who was sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath, Murray’s actions resembled the carnival psychic who
uses leading questions to gather information from an easily duped
patron before making phony prognostications that fit into the
narrative that the customer longed for.

instead of opining on the strained relationship Jackson had with his
father as a way to curry favor, Murray pumped the King of Pop with

former type of enabling is misleading, the latter deadly.

best assessment of the Jackson case I have read yet comes from Pasadena Star-News Editor
Frank Girardot
. Here’s his column from Thursday’s paper. 

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