Economic populism hits Pasadena

– After a much needed blogger vacation, Notes from Northwest is back. From the department of economic populism movements comes this piece of breaking news.

The 99 percent will air their grievances on the corner of Lake
Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena at 3 p.m. today.

the tide of anti-corporate sentiment unleashed by the Occupy Wall
Street, will protest outside the massive bank branches
owned by financial behemoths Bank of America and Chase.

corporations parking trillions of dollars on the sidelines and
unemployment hovering above 9 percent, it’s easy to understand the
frustration of millions of Americans.

unions are already backing the Occupy Wall Street movement and now, an orgranization who backed President Barack Obama’s 2008
run, may give the disparate grassroots movement some needed political
punch and some needed organization.

Wall Street could also serve as the left’s counter punch to the Tea
Party movement that picked up speed in 2009 and led to the landslide
Republican win in 2010.

Stay tuned. 

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