West Pasadena residents strike another blow against temporary fire station

– In news from just south of the freeway, the 
West Pasadena Residents upped the ante in the battle against a
temporary fire station at San Rafael School.

contingent of residents converged on the Pasadena Unified School
District board meeting Tuesday to object to placing a temporary fire
station on a vacant corner of the campus.

argued that a temporary fire station could be viewed as blight to
parents considering placing their children in the school and lead to
reduced enrollment.

also cited traffic concerns and asked for research on the impact of
operating a temporary fire station on a school campus.

Station 39, on Avenue 64 in Pasadena previously served the upscale
San Rafael section of the city. It was closed in April due to seismic

vocal opposition to the temporary fire station comes weeks after
residents in West Pasadena gathered more than 500 signatures on a
petition opposing the plan.

Pasadena Fire Department wants to place a two-person crew in a
trailer on the southwest corner of the San Rafael School campus. The
proposed two-person replacement crew would provide far less service
than was previously offered in the neighborhood.

Rafael residents see the temporary two-person fire station as
inadequate to meet their needs.

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