Occupy the Rose Bowl?

– The populist uprising sweeping across the nation bubbled up in
Pasadena Oct. 12.

organized labor and generally frustated residents formed a loose
alliance, which aimed it angst at Bank of America and Chase Bank on the
corner of Lake Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

a large swath of Pasadena residents, nothing boils the blood like development.

with city officials creeping closer to offering up the Rose Bowl as
a temporary home for an NFL team, the next thing disgruntled
Pasadenans may occupy is the stadium.

the Rose Bowl
sounds catchy. The protesters may be a little less
granola and Birkenstocks and more Sperry Topsiders and sweater vests,
but the anger over government and corporations acting against the
wishes of the populace could ring familiar.

like Occupy Wall Street the Arroyo iteration would be a bit more
organized than they appear on the surface.

August, The Linda Vista/Annandale Association voted unanimously to
oppose placing an NFL team at the Rose Bowl even on a temporary basis.

2006, a ballot initiative to clear the way for an NFL team failed

City Manager Michael Beck
said he isn’t sure whether the city will
put a return of NFL games to the Rose Bowl on the ballot.

$152 million in renovations slated for the Rose Bowl and a growing
funding gap to pay for those improvements (the latest number puts the
funding gap north of $14 million) homeowners around the bowl fear
developers could sweeten the deal for the city by filling the
financial void.

using a public stadium for the benefit of large corporations,
resident outrage: the people in the Arroyo seem to be facing the same
cocktail of controversies that sparked the Occupy movement.


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