Pasadena resident sounds off about stadiums, economics and government

Americans distrust our government and our economic system. What about
local governments? If we can’t tame them, how can we fix state and
national governments? California city councils and city governments
are dysfunctional. It’s worst in Bell, Vernon, and Montebello; the
Los Angeles city council and mayor serve developers and a few pet
unions while schools, libraries, and social services erode.  Pasadena
has problems. I live close to the Rose Bowl. My neighbors and I are
ignored by the City who allow too many events (walks & runs for
good causes, etc) in the Arroyo with overly loud sound systems, etc.
The Mayor and City Council didn’t learn from the 2005 NFL debacle.
They say “this time it’s different” with “the new NFL plan”,
but they don’t see how much the Arroyo and its activities have
changed since 2005.

Rose Bowl is part of the Arroyo and the city of Pasadena, not vice
versa. The City council’s method: private meetings with developers
followed by 3 minute citizen comments at open council meetings is no
way to make decisions. I went to those meetings in 2004; comments
dragged on for hours and were often rambling and incoherent. That was
just noise. Homeowners adjacent to the Arroyo should be represented
on a city commission that sets policies for all events in the Arroyo.
The city council doesn’t see or represent us. The combined
homeowner groups should be allowed to make a presentation to the
council about the new NFL plan.

wrong with pro football and its glitzy stadiums, luxury boxes, etc.?
This pursuit of money and short term profit is destructive. Pro
football tickets are too costly for most families; luxury boxes are
corporate perks. Pro football machismo contributes to domestic
violence, alcohol and drug abuse; the gladiators end up with high
rates of dementia and vascular disease. Why encourage high school
athletes to bulk up to 300 pounds? TV spectator sports aggravate our
obesity epidemic. Let Los Angeles and its shameful city council have
their stadium, we don’t want the NFL in the Arroyo. College
football fans yes, pro football fans no. The pro football season runs
from 8/12/2011 to 1/1/2012 -21 weeks- and then the postseason.
Consider the details. Maybe a few games, but no weeknight games, no
weekends with both NFL and Rose Bowl games and no “trust us” from
the city council. Yes, we need an election; let us first present the
other side to sharpen the choices.

Rose Bowl is a college football stadium. There are other solutions to
the Rose Bowl debt.



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