What could be the real big game on Jan. 2

– It could be the biggest showdown on Jan. 2, bigger than Oregon-Wisconsin.

The Tea Party, locally known as TEAPAC or the Pasadena Tea Party Patriots, refuse to be outdone by Occupy during the annual Rose Parade. 

The conservative grassroots organization, known for its tri-horn hats and connections to the infamous Koch brothers has asked for permission to march in the Rose Parade. 

TEAPAC leader Michael Alexander doesn’t want to cede the stage to the Occupy movement, which set its sights on the Rose Parade in November .

the Rose Parade
plans to form a human float at the tail end of the parade, an octopus with extended
tentacles that represents the far reach of corporate America. The
occupiers will also carry a 250-foot banner of The Constitution.

Perhaps TEAPAC’s feathers were ruffled by the zeitgeist attached to the Occupy movement. Maybe the support Occupy the Rose Parade received from Cornel West set off Alexander and company.  

TEAPAC has not announced
its protest plans, but
Alexander said he can’t get a call
back from the
TofR or the city of Pasadena.

native Southern Californians, and those of us who have lived here for
some time often skip the parade of flowered floats creeping down
Colorado Boulevard – usually because our New Year’s Day hangovers relegate us
to bed – this year the Rose Parade will be must see T.V.

Drink a Bloody Mary and don’t miss the big game. 

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