Biden in Pasadena, Johnny Otis dies, football predictions

PASADENA — It isn’t clear if Joe Biden went off script – no surprise there – but he dashed in and out of Pasadena on Friday, stopping by the home of Presidential ally and close associate John Kennedy. 

John’s sister, Lena, wrestles together plenty of the massive sums necessary to keep the Obama campaign machine humming along at full steam. 
Unlike the Commander-in-Chief, Biden didn’t make a quick stop at Roscoe’s Chicken &Waffle before dashing off to the next stop on a swing through Los Angeles. Biden is booked to appear on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Monday. More here and here.

Johnny Otis, a legend in the world of R&B, and father to one of my favorite musicians, Shuggie Otis, died this week. He was 90. 
Otis was instrumental in the nursing along R&B during the genre’s infancy. Besides charting hit records, Otis, who was white, hosted a radio show where he introduced white audiences to black music. 
Somewhat of a polymath, Otis also published two books, painted and had a long career as a political staffer, more here.

As much as I like my adopted state, I am still a New Yorker and a Giants fan.
Giants 24, 49ers 20. 
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