Redevelopment, zoning and jobs rile Northwest Pasadena leaders

PASADENA – Maybe he just forgot, maybe he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

Thursday’s State of The City speech by Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard made no mention of the local hiring goals at the Rose Bowl. Those goals have not been met, according to Rose Bowl officials. 
The failure to do so has ruffled more than a few community leaders, but Bogaard’s omission riled up Northwest Pasadena business leader Ishmael Trone, link here.
Bogaard dedicated a fair share of Thursday’s speech to the end of redevelopment agencies in Pasadena and across the state. The mayor’s optimistic despite the demise of the agencies, which have been called the engine of urban renewal. 
Bogaard remains confident that developers will flock to Pasadena to serve the city’s affluent class, and that Pasadena’s cache will win out. 
Sources familiar with development say the end of RDAs may signal the resurrection of the Inland Empire. Cheap land should attract business, so the line of thinking goes. 
Northwest Pasadena leaders are quietly, and some not so quietly, concerned that the end of RDAs will silence important community voices form weighing in on development in Northwest Pasadena.
And the big concern now shifts from who serves on the project area committee charged with oversight of the RDA – those committees will cease existing on Feb. 1 – to zoning ordinances in Northwest Pasadena.
Community leaders worry that City Hall might use zoning laws to loosen up regulations as a way to attract developers. 
Stay tuned…
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