Encrypted radio signals and the grassroots fumbles

PASADENA — It’s quiet out there, too quiet. 

If you have been trying to listen in on the Pasadena Police Department’s radio traffic, the silence has been deafening. 
PPD went to an encrypted radio signal in January. Now the department and City Hall refuse to release audio recordings of their police transmissions, and what started out as an effort to increase officer safety now appears to be all about secrecy. 
Open government advocate tees off on the cops.
Where were the tri-horn hats (the Tea Party) and the Occupiers at the Pasadena Superior Courthouse on Thursday?
America’s grassroots movements, who take shots at big government and big business, didn’t run to the aid of a woman who fought both. She beat the banks, but lost a split decision against City Hall. 
It’s Politics column here.
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