Biden in Pasadena, Johnny Otis dies, football predictions

PASADENA — It isn’t clear if Joe Biden went off script – no surprise there – but he dashed in and out of Pasadena on Friday, stopping by the home of Presidential ally and close associate John Kennedy. 

John’s sister, Lena, wrestles together plenty of the massive sums necessary to keep the Obama campaign machine humming along at full steam. 
Unlike the Commander-in-Chief, Biden didn’t make a quick stop at Roscoe’s Chicken &Waffle before dashing off to the next stop on a swing through Los Angeles. Biden is booked to appear on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Monday. More here and here.

Johnny Otis, a legend in the world of R&B, and father to one of my favorite musicians, Shuggie Otis, died this week. He was 90. 
Otis was instrumental in the nursing along R&B during the genre’s infancy. Besides charting hit records, Otis, who was white, hosted a radio show where he introduced white audiences to black music. 
Somewhat of a polymath, Otis also published two books, painted and had a long career as a political staffer, more here.

As much as I like my adopted state, I am still a New Yorker and a Giants fan.
Giants 24, 49ers 20. 
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Pasadena residents fight proposed Post Office closure and contemplate district lines

Residents along with political and community leaders in Pasadena voiced their opposition to a proposed plan to close the Mack Robinson Post Office in Pasadena. 

Meanwhile, the Pasadena Unified School District wants you to help draw the lines for new voting districts.
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Occupier arrested for felony possession of a knife

PASADENA – Occupy protester Michael
Buell, 45, of Fallbrook, was arrested Sunday by Pasadena Police and booked on suspicion of felony possession of a dagger, police Lt. Phlunte Riddle

He remains in custody and is being held
in lieu of $20,000 bail., according to Los Angeles County’s inmate
locator website.

Here’s the link to the rest of the story:

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Occupy the Rose Parade kicked off at All Saints

Occupy the Rose Parade kicked off at All Saints Church in Pasadena on Sunday with an economic and social justice forum. Here’s more:
And here is a piece on Occupy the Rose Parade leader Peter Thottam:
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Occupy preps for big day, Cops more worried about lone wolf

The Rose Parade is only three days away and Occupy and the Pasadena Police Department are making final preparations for the day.

Occupy the Rose Parade spent Thursday teaching demonstrators how to hoist and carry a large banner of the U.S. Constitution. 
The Pasadena Police are working with federal law enforcement to assure Occupy behaves during its protest. 
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What could be the real big game on Jan. 2

– It could be the biggest showdown on Jan. 2, bigger than Oregon-Wisconsin.

The Tea Party, locally known as TEAPAC or the Pasadena Tea Party Patriots, refuse to be outdone by Occupy during the annual Rose Parade. 

The conservative grassroots organization, known for its tri-horn hats and connections to the infamous Koch brothers has asked for permission to march in the Rose Parade. 

TEAPAC leader Michael Alexander doesn’t want to cede the stage to the Occupy movement, which set its sights on the Rose Parade in November .

the Rose Parade
plans to form a human float at the tail end of the parade, an octopus with extended
tentacles that represents the far reach of corporate America. The
occupiers will also carry a 250-foot banner of The Constitution.

Perhaps TEAPAC’s feathers were ruffled by the zeitgeist attached to the Occupy movement. Maybe the support Occupy the Rose Parade received from Cornel West set off Alexander and company.  

TEAPAC has not announced
its protest plans, but
Alexander said he can’t get a call
back from the
TofR or the city of Pasadena.

native Southern Californians, and those of us who have lived here for
some time often skip the parade of flowered floats creeping down
Colorado Boulevard – usually because our New Year’s Day hangovers relegate us
to bed – this year the Rose Parade will be must see T.V.

Drink a Bloody Mary and don’t miss the big game. 

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Fall blogger blues

PASADENA – Boot camps, football
coaches and Thanksgiving have all conspired to keep me out of the
blogosphere for some time. I promise I will return. But in the mean
time, here’s some of the stuff I have been up to in the last month.

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Star-News examines city’s failure to fix El Centro headquarters

Community leaders want the city to fix the historic home of El Centro De Accion Social. The crumbling building has been home to the Latino advocacy group for more than four decades.

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Remember the children

– More than 2,000 miles away from Pasadena, legendary Penn State
football coach Joe Paterno
is mired in a controversy that will forever
tarnish his legacy.

have surfaced that Paterno was told about inappropriate behavior
involving a child. The allegation leveled against famed former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky, included the phrases “60-year-old man,” “10-year-old boy” and “shower.”

didn’t report the actions to the police, but told the athletic
director – questionable given his clout at the school. The
coach, who transformed an agricultural and teachers college into a brand name university via touchdowns, sacks and wins on the football field, could have pressed
officials to call for a full inquiry.

Instead, Paterno opted to merely cover his butt and tell his direct supervisor. But this is Pennsylvania, and in the football-crazed state Paterno’s direct supervisor can be best accessed at church. 

the wake of the controversy, there have been calls for Paterno’s
resignation and talk about his tarnished legacy.

announced his plan to retire this morning.

hasn’t been talked about are the boys.

media attention has been placed on the children. In a scathing column
published this week, Jason Whitlock commented extensively about the
society’s love of institution, status and power. The fetishizing of
such power, often blinds us not just to the indiscretions of the
powerful, but the full impact of their actions.

this case, we fret about Paterno’s legacy and what this means for
Penn State football, and say little about the boys now young men who were affected by these acts.

to home, John Muir High School football coach Ken Howard finds
himself in the midst of a maelstrom of controversy. Howard, who is
not a school employee, was asked to conduct a bag search.

verbal exchange between Howard and thew student turned violent.

while there is no attempt here to equivocate the two incidents,
questions still remain about whether Howard was out of line in his
harsh treatment of a 16-year-old boy during the bag search.

with the Penn State controversy, administration at Muir was also
aware and according to some reports approved the actions which led to
the scuffle between Howard and the student, Erik Rodriguez.

the parallels between the two incidents are more than cosmetic.

with the Paterno incident, reaction to the Muir scuffle has focused
primarily on Howard and not the systemic breakdown in policies on bag
searches, and who is and who is not allowed to search bags.

most importantly, what has been lost is the toll on the children
involved in the incident.

Howard “roughed up” Rodriguez or not, whether the student
“mouthed off” at Howard, we must remind ourselves that schools
serve as places of education.

the focus of the conversation around this issue, as with the
incident, should be on the toll both events have taken on the children involved.

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Video offers disturbing look inside boot camps

– The Star-News has broken a story about videos taken at
Pasadena-based boot camps containing disturbing images of children
vomiting and being subjected to verbal taunting by instructors.

warned the video is graphic. 

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