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Encrypted radio signals and the grassroots fumbles

PASADENA — It’s quiet out there, too quiet.  If you have been trying to listen in on the Pasadena Police Department’s radio traffic, the silence has been deafening.  PPD went to an encrypted radio signal in January. Now the department … Continue reading

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Vandals strike again in Northwest Pasadena, new graffiti targets Latinos

PASADENA – Police have spotted more racists graffiti in Pasadena, according to a statement by Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez.  The latest incident targets Latinos, Sanchez said in a state released Sunday. Vandals used a black marker to scribe “profane … Continue reading

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Racist graffiti in Northwest shakes up community

PASADENA – Residents in Northwest Pasadena are reeling from a series of racist attacks where vandals spray painted swastikas, racial epithets and homophobic slurs on buildings and cars in the neighborhood, according to members of the community. The incident occurred … Continue reading

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Shooting in Northwest Pasadena leaves man in critical condition

PASADENA – A Pasadena man remains in critical condition after being gunned down on the 200 block of Douglas Street in Pasadena, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said in a statement Wednesday. The shooting occurred at 10:30 p.m. and witnesses … Continue reading

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