Inland Division playoff prediction

Will REV and Norco meet in the playoffs for the second consecutive season? Here is an educated guess at how the rugged Inland Division might play out…

1 Corona Centennial over 16 Yucaipa
9 Vista Murrieta over 8 Moreno Valley

5 Murrieta Valley over 12 Riverside Arlington
4 Miller over 13 Roosevelt

3 Temecula Chaparral over 14 Vista Del Lago
6 Redlands East Valley over 11 Corona Santiago

7 Riverside North over 10 Redlands
2 Rancho Verde over 15 Norco

1 Corona Centennial over 9 Vista Murrieta
5 Murrieta Valley over 4 Miller

3 Temecula Chaparral over 6 Redlands East Valley
7 Riverside North over 2 Rancho Verde

1 Corona Centennial over 5 Murrieta Valley
3 Temecula Chaparral over 7 Riverside North

1 Corona Centennial over 3 Temecula Chaparral

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  • Mentone Hater

    You have no clue. How many teams have you seen. Mentone will lose. REDLANDS BIG BOYS up front will dominate North. Get a clue guy!!! Again, how many of these teams have you seen “EDUCATED” guy!!!!

  • Clay Fowler

    Granted, I’ve only seen three of them: REV, Miller and Norco. Though that isn’t the extent of my education, take these picks for what they’re worth. It’s certainly difficult to pick against your Redlands squad when I haven’t seen them or North. There is a good reason guess was included in the same phrase as educated.

  • Not bad, sir. I think you’ve got the finals matchup right. For being such a great team, Centennial may have the easiest road to a title in CIF history.

    As for Miller, they’ll be losing to Roosevelt tonight.

  • Clay Fowler

    I’ll be at the Miller-Roosevelt game tonight to see if you’re right.

  • I’m a big enough man to admit when I’m wrong. Roosevelt got kinda blasted. You know Miller’s ripe to fail, though. You saw it. They’re totally undisciplined. How many penalties did they rack up?

  • Clay Fowler

    A whopping four penalties for 35 yards… they looked pretty awesome, Dennis. Well, their offense was outstanding, way better than I had ever seen it. But the defense, their calling card all season, is going to have to play much better if they’re going to hang around much longer. In my mind they’re a legit team though, no question. C’mon man, they’re undefeated!

  • That’s four penalties too many. We’ll see what happens to those Rebels Friday vs. Murrieta Valley, when they’re all fat and happy coming off the holiday.

  • Told you Miller would lose. I mean, you also had them losing to MV, but I told you so.