Could Los Osos’ Brehaut steal UCLA QB job for good?

Of course, he hasn’t yet said the UCLA starting quarterback job is Los Osos High School graduate Richard Brehaut’s on Saturday but coach Rick Nenheisel wouldn’t say the job is Kevin Prince’s when he returns from a broken jaw in 3 to 4 weeks.

“Certainly I don’t like the notion of a guy losing his job because he gets hurt,” Neuheisel told the L.A. Times in this story. “But you always make the decisions that are best for the team at the time you need to make them.”

While Prince, a red-shirt freshman, led UCLA to a 2-0 start, including a monumental win at Tennessee, I think Neuheisel believes he isn’t so far ahead of Brehaut in his development that the true freshman from Los Osos can’t catch up with a few starts. With each quarterback retaining four years of elegibility, this is likely just the first chapter of this story.

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  • Chino Hills Dogs…..

    Why is it….That Ayala HS is always falling behind Chino Hills HS, When Ayala HS has beat them the last two years. And they will beat them again this year as well. Ayala is a Team that plays with Heart.

  • Brehaut Backer

    What happens remains to be seen. If Richard gets to start, we all hope he has a great time & does well. He’s a great kid and deserves everything he gets because he works hard to earn it. Have a great game!!

  • Red Barron

    CH Dog, rankings are not just about 1 game. It is about the season, the talent and the coaching. Not the press clippings Inglima likes to see. Ayala has beaten us the past 2 years, but we will rise.

  • Richard Brehaut will keep the job as long as he is healthy. He and Barkley will battle the next 4 years for the city championship and eventualy the national championship.