Alta Loma’s Abron to join Upland football team?

Upland High School is graduating 15 starters from the team that claimed the CIF-SS Central Division championship but the Highlanders may be adding a significant piece to their football team next season. Rumors are circling that Alta Loma sophomore Donta Abron, a second-team All-Inland Valley running back who rushed for 1,356 yards last season, may soon transfer Upland.

Upland head coach Tim Salter confirmed that Abron had not yet enrolled, but if he is going to it will likely be when Upland’s second semester begins in three weeks.

“It sounds like he’s going to register but I don’t know because I haven’t talked to him,” Upland coach Tim Salter said. “So as of now it’s a no.”

Alta Loma head coach Jose Fuentes, who’s team went 0-10 in 2009 (making Abron’s 1,451 total yards and 7 TDs that much more impressive given his status as the primary target of every defense) said he was unaware of any plans for Abron to transfer but knew his sophomore running back was absent from school on Monday.

Abron would undoubtedly be a welcome addition to an Upland team graduating 57 percent of the rushing attack that was the driving force of its offense. The Highlanders are graduating three from a platoon of running backs that ran five players deep. The two returning are junior starter Walkeem McDonald (72-452, 2 TDs) and leading rusher Cole Champman (86-513, 3 TDs), also a junior.

“(Abron) was one of the best backs in the league,” Salter said. “He ran hard, especially for a sophomore. He played well against just about everybody in our league.”

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  • Anonymous

    I smell a RAT……

  • Cowboy Fan

    Well until the rules change the rich get richer. This is just like Ayala’s QB last year living in Don Lugo’s district but played at Ayala. Ifo Epre Olomo lives in the Chino High boundary but plays for Chino Hills. We all know recruiting is going on and the coaches talk to parents about where to go. If you good at sports they will make room for you.

  • Anonymous

    Actually he came to us not the other way around. our team already has runningbacks. I personally think the whole 0-10 thing would make him leave

  • Cowboy Fan

    Rather he came to you or not is not the point. He should be at Alta Loma just like the others that spread out to Los Osos, Rancho, and Upland. Alta Loma like Chino had good a program until new schools and the rules started getting bent.

  • guess

    We don’t need him Upland is full of good running backs just waiting there turn.So keep him.Upland’s football program is a great one.And it starts with the freshman.There is at least 4 kids that can run the ball with great sucess.Cant wait to see if the 4 hourseman will run again just like they did when they were freshman and distroyed the freshman league.

  • Todd

    With the Abron kid. Is Upland favored to Repeat as CIF Champions. Is Upland’s Coaching Staff sticking together. The roster of the staff is a good one from what I hear. Coach Salter must be a good coach if he went to the finals back to back years. Who’s the QB next year? Please don’t say Nunes. He’s terrible.

  • Clay Fowler

    I don’t know how intelligently I can speak about Donta Abron because I never saw him play – Alta Loma wasn’t much of a draw during a winless 2009. But from the way Salter talked about him, he may immediately become the best back on the roster and perhaps even the focal point of their offense.

    I wouldn’t label Upland the favorite to win CIF next year because it’s losing all but two of the starters on that defense that carried the team to the CIF title. But Upland has proven it has a program and a coaching staff that stand the test of time so I’m sure it’ll be in the mix for a title again next year.

    Nunes is only a junior so he’ll be back next year but there is a freshman who I hear Upland is considering starting as a sophomore next season, Nate Romine, a dual threat quarterback who is appealing for multiple reasons: his versatility and his youth. Salter certainly appreciated the advanced things he did with Josh Nunes as his starter for three years and if Justin doesn’t distinguish himself leading up to next season, you’d have to figure starting Romine would be tempting – especially if he and Abron can be a QB-RB combo for the next two years.

  • U-High 2006

    Good info Clay about Upland for next year. With Abron they may be a contender from what your saying. I love watching dual threat qb’s play. Saw a lot of them play in the bowl games this past month on tv. If this Romine kid is the real deal. Him being a sophomore next year is a huge advantage for the football team. A 3 year starter is big in highschool. However Nunes won a ring this past season. So I take it Romine would have to have a career off season to beat out the veteren. Rotate them. Why not!! ha ha.

  • guess

    Nunes is allready throwing passes with the upland backs and recievers.He is a good quarter back.He won a passing league last year at Beverly Hills.He is a good quarterback.

  • I.E. Football Observer

    I hear that Romine comes from a long line of Bishop Amat football players and there is talk of him maybe following in those footsteps if things don’t go his way? Bishop Amat has a sketchy QB situation over there and depending upon which way things shake out, Romine could transfer before his soph year begins and start at QB for the Lancers next year??? Stranger things have happened?

  • Friend of a Coach at Upland

    Let’s put an end to all this Romine Free Agency Crap. Nate Romine the Dual-Treat QB at Upland High School is not going anywhere. Just got off the phone and spoke to a friend of mine who coaches at Upland High School. BELIEVE ME, He knows the truth about this situation because he and the QB have a good Coach/Player relationship. He informed me that Romine isn’t going to Bishop Amat. He did confirm that the Romine Family has a history of attending Bishop Amat and Nate is the only one to break the tradition. What a break Upland got in landing the Young Romine kid. He got very upset about this rumor going on. He told me that a lot of schools have inquired about Nate’s future from word of mouth. When a coach compares this Romine kid to past quarterbacks like Josh Nunes and Daniel Millus, That’s saying something. I learned also that Romine is in showcase camps already this off-season. Wow, don’t hear that too often. Sorry Amat, looks like you have to look elsewhere for a QB. Sounds like Nate Romine isn’t going to be wearing the Blue and Gold anytime soon

  • recruitguru

    I heard upland was really going after donta…..i like how salter says he know nothing bout the situation….i heard he knew alot bout the situation…Good Luck Upland and best of wishes in ur recruiting this year…

  • justthefacts

    Fact: cif states that a physical move of residence is reason enough to change schools. Fact: abron and his family moved to upland together so recruiting is not even an issue. Don’t think the coaches of upland moved the family to upland. Uhs lucked out Re: qb situation, its like bast and nunes all over again when josh was a sophomore. now its romine and nunes. May the best qb start.

  • Not Fair

    Pshhh. Hear Nunes dad is the general manager. He runs the show there. So the best qb won’t play.

  • …WOW

    Who cares we will see the first game of the season..SHEEZe

  • emma

    donta is sitting by me in our class

  • Upland fan

    I didn’t know Upland football has a general manager. Was he a general in the war or what? I believe Salter Is a great coach, look at his resume in the past 15 years. 5 Cif championships, always in the playoffs. I’m surprise he is not on a major college team. He has a great programs from the freshman to varsity and he looks at the younger generation and watches some pop warner games.

  • Rancho cuogs

    Let me tell u that Upland has only one school and the whole area feeds into it, while rancho area has to split the talent to 4 schools. If Rancho area had only 1 school and we put the best on the field, Rancho would crush Upland.

  • Rancho cuogs

    Let me tell u that Upland has only one school and the whole area feeds into it, while rancho area has to split the talent to 4 schools. If Rancho area had only 1 school and we put the best on the field, Rancho would crush Upland.