Central Division All-CIF football team released

Co-offensive players of the year: Angel Santiago, QB, Etiwanda, Sr.; Jamil Austin, RB Colony, Sr.
Defensive player of the year: Tim Helton, LB, Upland, Sr.
Coach of the year: Tim Salter, Upland

Greg Watson, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr., 6-0 190
Chad Jefferies, Glendora, Jr., 6-3 180
Ryan Verdugo, Chino Hills, Sr., 6-1 195

Running back
Derrick Malone, Colton, Sr., 6-3 205
Tyler Ervin, Colton, Jr., 6-0 175
Cody Rogina, Los Osos, Jr., 5-10 185
Michael Boyd, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr., 5-10 180

Offensive line
Jacob Nasif, Upland, Sr., 6-3 255
Nick Martin Los Osos, Sr., 6-4 280
Zach Dilley Paloma Valley, Sr., 6-5 290
John Tyler, Colton, Jr., 6-3 250
Eden Mahina, Upland, Sr., 6-4 245
Josh Poloni,o Damien, Sr., 6-3 250
Rick Greenwalt, Elsinore, Sr., 6-3 250
Jesus Cortez, Chaffey, Sr., 6-4 270

Wide receiver
Sean Alston, Los Osos, Sr., 5-10 175
Randal Telfer, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr., 6-4 230
Brandon Flanagan, Sr., Colony, 5-8, 170
Bobby Ratliff, Etiwanda, Sr., 6-2 180
Vanzell Richardson, San Bernardino, Sr., 6-0 170

Jon Maricic, Elsinore, Sr., 5-11 225

Alejandro Maldonado Colton, Sr., 5-11 180

Defensive linemen
Tony Washington, Los Osos, Sr., 6-4 228
Gregory Triay, Upland, Sr., 6-2 250
Austin Johnson, Chino Hills, Jr., 6-0 225
Tamasamoa Taua’i, Sr., Colony 5-11 250
Mike Newton, Colton, Sr., 6-3 250
Marcus Gluck, Upland, Sr., 6-1 185
Tre Hale, Damien, Sr., 6-2 190
Gregory Todd Colony, Sr., 6-1 260

Edward Todd, Colony, Sr., 6-1 260
Josh Rottler, Chino Hills, Sr., 6-1 205
Devan Hussey, Colton, Jr., 5-11 180
Anthony King, Upland, Sr., 6-3 215
Ofa Fifita, Arroyo Grande, Sr., 6-1 220
Michael Gonzalez, Glendora, Sr., 6-0 220

Defensive back
Corey Sims, Upland, Sr., 5-10 170
Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Chino Hills, Jr., 5-10 185
Derrick Malone, Colton, Sr., 6-3 205
Jared Bell, Colony, Sr., 6-2 190
Gianni Olivas, Upland, Sr., 5-11 185
Jonathan Mack, Colton, Jr., 5-11 175

Kailen Wright, Los Osos, Sr., 5-9 175

Jake Van Ginkel, Upland, Jr., 5-11 175

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  • WOW

    How did a player get in with out playing in CIF? Wide receiver Vanzell Richardson – San Bernardino, and Flannigan who had 4 catches for 65 yards.I wonder what the criteria was.It Does not make sense.There are a few recievers that did not even get recognition that should have.

  • Highlander Mom/Fan

    great job Scots!! We are so proud of all of you boys! Its been a great 4 years watching all of you play, the thrill of it all was watching you take the title this year! Good luck and best wishes to all of you boys! Congrats Salter in being able to have the opportunity to work with such talented young men!

  • Anonymous

    Since this came out today, when can we expect the All CIF Southern Section to come out?

  • Clay Fowler

    That’s a great question. Uko was the best defensive lineman not just in the Central Division but in the Inland Valley… and perhaps all of Southern California.

  • Anonymous

    How does George Uko played in the Under Armor game not make All CIF?

    Yet I find it interesting that 7 players from Colony got in.

  • Anonymous

    what is the difference between this all-cif and the other one?

  • Answer

    All CIF are the games played in the playoffs after the season was over. So all players in the playoffs get the honors of helping there team move on to the championship.

  • anonymous

    the reason why colony had seven players make all cif is because those seven players were some of the most talented players in the IE, and thats coming from the coaches in the whole division that voted. remember the way this thing is done is how those players did that particular year. and everyone one knows colony from top to bottom had the most talanted players around eve upland admitted that, they shouldve one the title, if only for that old trick play good job upland con grats!!

  • Anonymous

    all the players from colony deserve the rercognition every one knows how talented colony was all seven are going to get scholarships, just ask diamond ranch cif finalist, ask chinohills semifinalist,ask kaiser semi finalist,also upland who they gave the game to in the second round, on a trick play. upland even said from top to bottom they were the toughest and most talenteed team they faced all year!!

  • Anonymous

    He made a point about Colony. They were a tough group of guys to beat. We almost broke down that game, but we ended up slipping by with the win. Every one of those kids deserve this acknowledgment.

  • Anonymous

    Uko may have been the bestDefensivelinemen in our Cif but he didnt play a factor in the playoffs And plus he plays for “DONLUGO” enough said …

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone hate on Colony? From a teams standpoint, they were the most athletic team in the Central Division.