Pomona floated Colony’s Rice OC job under Brown

Pomona High School football coach John Brown resigned Jan. 8 on the premise that the school offered his job to Colony fourth-year head coach Anthony Rice soon after Brown’s first and only season head coach. Rice said that in a conversation about two months ago with Pomona athletic director Tom Sweeney, Rice’s friend and former colleague, Sweeney floated the idea of Rice joining Pomona’s coaching staff as the offensive coordinator under Brown.

“I was never offered (Brown’s) job,” Rice said Tuesday. “Tom (Sweeney) was talking to me about being the offensive coordinator and I just laughed it off. It was kind of a joke… I’m already a head coach, so why would I go be an offensive coordinator? He was kind of serious about it but I just laughed it off.”

After receiving phone calls from friends regarding rumors that his job was being shopped around, Brown went straight to the souce, phoning Rice the week he ultimately resigned. It was that phone call that Brown said was the last straw, moving him to resign later that week.

“They asked Rice if he had interest in the (Pomona head coaching) job and they offered him the job,” Brown said. “I know this because Rice told me.”

Rice, however, says he told Brown it was the offensive coordinator job that was discussed, not the head coaching job.

“Why would they want to give up somebody’s job who was doing a good job?” Rice said. “J.B.was doing a great job with those kids.”

A Pomona assistant coach from 1996-2004, Brown, who went 6-4 in his lone season as head coach, insists that Sweeney was willing to lure Rice, who won CIF championships at Colony in 2006 and 2007, because of the athletic director’s approach to his job.

“(Sweeney) thinks he’s a Division-I athletic director,” Brown said. “He thinks this is a business. He thinks that if he can get a guy that’s won two CIF championships that he should go after him. This isn’t a business. We do this because we love the game. We do this to help kids grow up to be successful citizens.”

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  • If Pomona was truly interested in a on campus Coach. Why not Layton, Albaugh, or a full-time Pomona employee who has been to 4 consecutive CIF Central Division Championship games. Won 3 championships and over the last 4 years has given up an average of 12pts per game, through 56 games.
    Coach Martinez of Upland is the reel deal. ask Rice about those 2 Rings he is wearing. He knows how they landed on his fingers!!!

    Tu sad es

  • Anonymous

    maybe because he was 0-10 as a head coach

  • Pomona Insider

    Does this story make any sense at all?
    Hey Rice resign your head coaching job to be OC at Pomona. Okay sure that totally would fly.
    Pomona is flying their Head Coach opening for the shortest period allowable under the barganing agreement because they already have their guy. Every other opening in the valley had been open for months- Los Altos, Bassett, Nogales all have been extended from the original opening. Pomona 10 days. I’m sure that Fasting and Rice and Sweeney are all on the up and up and that Brown is the bad guy here.
    And if you don’t believe me about the job opening email me I will forward you the PUSD bulletin.
    The admin at Pomona High is dirty-everyone in Pomona knows it. It will all come out.

  • need your email

    give me your email

  • Anonymous

    Who are you referring too when you say 0-10?

  • Anonymous

    Martinez (0-10)

  • Anonymous

    He took over 3 weeks before the season started. The Head Coach quit, for the record he was 2-8.
    Tu Sad Es

  • Pomona Insider
  • Anonymous

    Rumor has it that several Colony players tranfered out of school and Rice is behind it. If this is true this is an all time low for coaches; to tell players to leave and basically rip the cupboards bare and then take off… shame;shame

  • The Truth

    Rice, more than likely to leave Colony. I have also heard the rumor TEN players have checked out Feb. 1, 2010 and going elsewhere. The elsewhere is might be, Pomona. If Colony has any morals the admin. would fire Rice today, have the students by CIF rule sit out a year. Rice should be suspended from being a head coach permantly. This will not happen, because CIF does always follow the rules, too. Rice only cares about his ego. He is a snake in the grass.

  • Anonymous

    Easy, eses on the Rice Pomona bombs. Now you Colony folks are just getting worked up? John Brown does not lie, known him all my life. He stated a month ago this would happen!
    I realize alot of posts including my own our Bu#&^**#, When JB speaks you better listen, this was a done deal months ago cabron.

    JB,JB,JB, Pomona’s savior JB,JB, JB!!!!
    Tu Sabes!

  • Anonymous

    As a Colony Parent of a son who graduated last year. I have some real questions for coach rice. My son was with you from day one upon your arrival on campus. I supported your efforts and relished in your results. I realize coaches come and go for differnt types of reasons. My question to you is why would you have such a coaching turnover each year after winning CIF two consecutive years, without your assistants moving on to head coaching positions?

    My son has given me his insight, and it does not sound good for you coach rice. I would be interested to see a list of all the assistants you had during your reign @ Colony?

    His leaving Colony should not come as a suprise. I have one more that will be enrolling this fall. I for one look forward to the change.


  • Anonymous

    Rice was asking players to go with him. If any player from Colony enrolls at Pomona CIF should investigate immediately. He has been talken players to come play for basically since he started at Colony. What makes him so good? Because at Colony he beat up on a weak Mt. Baldy league. Notice that after the last championship the Serria league and Baseline league moved to the Central division he hasnt won much. 0-4 against Upland. I feel sorry for those kids at Colony and Pomona be careful he may randomly leave you guys.

  • Anonymous

    you guys are simple bored with life. you leave all these blogs for what reason, to hide behind a screen because you are too chicken sh*% to state your real name. I respect Mr.Victor, he helps kids get out to college and become better young men. I would also like to thank Rice for all of his accomplishments @ Colony. No one will be able to accomplish what Rice did @ Colony and if they do, I commend them for their accomplishments. So to you Parent, Im glad your son played for a good program, but what did he do there?

    In Addition, Rice has had the same coaching staff for all four years with the exception of two. So you tell me parent, what does that say about his staff. They believe in him and they buy in like every Colony football player did.. Good luck to your young one coming to Colony.. They will need alot of work.. and i guarntee that transfers will come with the new coach as well. So don’t hate on a man that gets him job done!!!

  • COHI parent

    This is so dis-heartening to read. Some of these posts are being made with such a malicious notion toward a coach who has done so much good stuff for his players, the school and the community. Now to answer some of these rediculous blogs about kids checking out and moving elsewhere, you are absolutely correct. However, you are dead wrong on where they are laying there hats. Let me enlighten you, the truth…… I don’t see anyone complaining about roosevelt, kaiser, los osos, upland, and so on getting these colony kids. The only thing you keep harping on is Pomona. Kids have been checking out for the last week and to no suprise many schools in the area have been getting gems that are leaving becuase of Rices departure. Wow, what a testament to a coach, but no one is commenting on how much of an effect this man had on his players. No, instead a few undeducated, bitter people are here to bash the work of him and his coaches. Now to dissolve another point, his coaching staff has stayed the same throughout except for three loses who left on their own accord. One went to the collegiate level, another is at upland, and the third took the time off to watch his son play. Now I dont see where the point of turnover is. In fact, if anything, the addition of new coaches was a belessing. If you know anything about high school athletics then you would know just how difficult it is to get quality coaches, especially those off campus which is the new era becuase there are just no teaching jobs anymore. Now Anynoumous, I do know who you are and I find it hard to believe that you have this much anomosity toward this coach. Im positive that your son benefited from his time on this team and by what I mean benefited I am talking about the real reason a kid, REMEMBER A KID plays high school football. I’m sure he has made countless true friendships and has grown to be a fine young man with also the help of the discipline that was instilled in him also by football. Its ironic that a couple of you would sling so much mudd especially becuase you are either a bitter parent, or perhaps a bitter coach who was let go, I can only remember one, which to be quite frank with you was a cancer. Leave the man alone, leave his staff alone, leave the kids alone, let the chips fall where they may and to be quite honest with all of you. During this time of ecenomic depression, unemployment, deficits be happy that you are where you are or if your not where you want to be stop being jealous that another person is getting where they want to be. Move on with your lives, if your kids not there then you have nothing to talk about, if your not coaching there then you have nothing comment on. Let these men leave in peace and move on, they gave us 4 years of countless hours, money and time to help the kids that not only touched their lives but that the coaches touched theirs. All good things come to an end and I wish each one of these coaches the best and it angers me that through all of this slander that not one person has commented that I hope the kids will be o.k. You are all self centered and selfish human beings and remember KARMA is a bitch. I personally talked to these men and I suggest if you have questions you should too. The answers I got were that this is being done for future job imlications as far as advancement oppurtunities. C’mon the man is going back to get his administrative credential and you guys are slamming him for that. You hippocrites. Secondly, he is making a move to try and better his coaching staff with new oppurtunities and you guys would throw stones at him for that, once again you hippocrites. Lastly, the men feel that they have done all they could and quite honestly are tired and need a change or rest. Once again you hippocrites. Grow up, be adults about this and keep your comments to truth not to theories. Be parents, be teachers, be what you are but remember be a positive role model and stop teaching kids that throwing rumors and lies around. Teach them about life, the same life that these coaches were teaching while you were reaping the benefits of having positive role models in there lives. You are cowards…… but even cowards at some point are at least honest. HIPPOCRITES< HIPPOCRITES< HIPPOCRITES that is all you are. Leave these men alone, personally I believe they deserve this.

  • Area Dude

    What is the big deal? You all need to get a job or start a new hobby. Rice has a great track record as a winner. He puts alot of time in just like all these other head coaches do in the area. Rice just has a knack for motivating kids and getting the most out of them. When my kids get older I will do what ever it takes to make sure they get the best education and coaching. If that means selling my house then I will sell my house. It’s high school football. who cares how it got done. Coaches come and go. Everyone has thier own philosophy on how to get it done. Some get it done and some don’t. Pomona has an opportunity to bring a great coach in so let them do it. Stop hating and talking nonsense. PUSD is trying thier best to get better all the way around. Don’t hate on an A.D. that wants the best for his program. I know alot of A.D.s that sit on thier butt and collect a check. JB was off campus. BOTTOM LINE! They asked him to transfer back to the district to be closer to the football program and it didn’t work out for JB. Somehow PUSD is able to bring one of thier own kids back to the community so welcome it. Just because Rice is the only coach to win back to back championships in his first two years as a head coach doesn’t mean he deserves all the cowardly blogs. He is just a young coach trying to get better doing what he loves to do. Chill out!

  • Coach

    Anonymous, come on now, you cannot say people are chicken to use their real names and you use anonymous said. I agree with COHI parent, everyone needs to calm down. Whether we agree or not, like or dislike coach Rice he should be respected at least for the time he given to the Colony players,parents,and school. Coaching today’s athlete is difficult, most parents and players think it is the coaches job to get kids into college, what ever happened to parents being responsible. Every high school coach puts in countless hours for their players and program.Can you really blame a person for trying to better himself and his future. People get upset when a winning coach leaves, yet when a coach doesn’t win fans and parents want him fired; coaches are in a no win situation. Fyi, I am a coach and I don’t usually respond to these sites, enough is enough.

  • Anonymous

    Brown was a good coach in my opinion. last year was my first year with him being the head coach, and i personally liked him. i am looking forward to seeing what the new coach can do though for my senior year

  • Colony Parent

    I wanted to say good luck to Coach Rice in his new endeavors. I was sad to hear of him leaving, but he has to do what is best for his family’s future. My son is a player and he will reap the benefits from it next season.

  • Colony Parent

    I wanted to say good luck to Coach Rice in his new endeavors. I was sad to hear of him leaving, but he has to do what is best for his family’s future. My son is a player and he will reap the benefits from it next season.